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Do you already know Path of Exile? No? Yes, but not really? Well then listen. In September 2010, Grinding Gear Games, New Zealand, announced a new Action RPG that had already taken eight years of work. The team around Chris Wilson, the founder of the studio, which claims to be made up of hardcore RPG fans, wanted to create a game that they themselves enjoy playing. Inspired by Diablo, Titan Quest, dungeon victories, countless community feedback and own ideas, Path of Exile should focus on depth, accessibility and replayability. What has happened since the announcement to the recent patch, everything you know everything else about the game and why you should definitely try it, I tell you in my post.

First of all, the game is and will be playable for free. By the way, there are seven years after the official announcement of the game, since then the community has been diligently involved in the development. 

Six beginning classes, Dynamic Skill System and Story

Once you have logged into the server, the character creation starts in the hull of a prisoner ship. There are six different classes available to you, but you can not choose a gender - this is already specified depending on the class. But as an exile you do not have much to say anyway. So choose between: Marauder, Ranger, Witch, Duelist, Templar and Shadow. However, in Path of Exile (PoE), basically, you can wear any skill, weapon or armor, provided you meet the required attribute value requirements, the choice essentially determines the look and the baseline values, as well as the start and alignment in the passive skill tree - we will come to this later.

The Marauder bets on Strength (red), the Ranger on Dexterity (green) and the Witch on Intelligence (green) as the strongest Underlying, the other four classes are Hybrid. The Duelist shares Strength / Dexterity, Templar on Strength / Intelligence, Shadow on Dexterity / Intelligence and Scion on Strength / Dexterity / Intelligence. 

The three colors also represent the colors of your favorite gems (Gems). In PoE, there is no talent teacher and no book that you have to memorize. You can find your active skills in the form of gemstones, which you can combine in any combination socket each of your equipment and thereby determine the skills in your bar. Sounds funny at first, but it is. Used, meaning gems gemlockierte get just like your game character experience points and thereby level with. In order to make it even more complicated, it should only be mentioned at this point that in addition to Skill gems, ie the stones that provide a skill, you can also use so-called Support gems, with which you can reinforce skills of a particular gem / skill again. By the way, you can install and remove the gems as you like on the equipment, they will not break and you will not lose your level or experience.

So, after this excursion from the class selection via the attribute colors back to the start of the game. If you need to think about Age of Conan in the case of an exile, a prisoner ship and a character selection, then you're in the right place and will have to think of the Funcom MMORPG as the first scene in the game. You find yourself stranded on the shores of fantasy world Wraeclast, find your first weapon and make your way through various monsters until you finally find a small inhabited outpost. There you will find not only a chest for your prey, but also NPCs that provide you with quests or with which you can act. Speaking of acting, in PoE there is no gold. There is the age-old principle of bartering. For your prey you will always receive scrolls or fragments of it, or orbs or fragments thereof. It works the same way when buying. Also, the number of quests is so far manageable, in essence, it is a fat monster to kill or procure something that a thick monster... you know. Nevertheless, the story and the story behind the story are pretty well explained throughout the game. As you battle through the three known acts, you can travel by waypoints if you've discovered them in the area.

Random Outside Worlds and Dungeons, Item and Gem System

In addition to the extensive outside world, which presents you a different environment depending on the act, there are of course also caves and dungeons to explore. Genre usual you will meet there also various monsters that not only represent cannon fodder, but also can turn out to be stronger. You will also find elite, rare and unique enemies in PoE. Both the outer worlds and the dungeons are randomly generated, including the opponents and their loot therein - as it is also known. from Diablo 3 is used. The map is constantly drawn as you traverse and can be displayed by you, but on the screen itself you only see the visual radius of your character. Especially in this point and the additional use of light and shadow effects, especially in dark dungeons, PoE is very atmospheric and gloomy - matching the chosen world.

Back to the items, orbs and the skill system based on gems. Of course, PoE is designed for the item collecting anger, even if the relatively small (and previously not expandable inventory) sets the whole certain limits. Of course, as with other Hack'n'Slay members, there are different levels of rarity for the items, the difference is that you can always change the orbs, attributes and even the value by using the Orbs. For example, with the Orb of Transmutation, you can turn a normal (gray or white) item into a blue one with magical values. The Orb of Alchemy even turns a normal one into a yellow item. There are also some which you can use to adjust the colors or the number of slots or those where you can dice the magic attribute values again.

The system is very flexible, the "good" orbs, of course, more or less rare. For example, it can also be very convenient to put an item of normal value on the bench, because, for example, the attribute value is already quite high or the correct number and combination of gemstone slots is available, in order to make it later on a "rare" upgrade. Pretty flexible the whole thing. By the way, you can do the same with your potions. Unlike, for example, Blizzard's Monster Snitcher, in PoE you do not carry 300 Mana and 300 Holy Meal bottles with you, but have five slots for five bottles. These are similar to the items with corresponding random values occupied, can be aufgepimpt and they are available in various basic variants. They automatically fill up when you kill your opponent.

Speaking of who kills monsters and fulfills quests, of course, you will not only get loot, but experience points as you level up. There are a total of 100 levels in PoE, and there is no need to say that you need more and more XP per rise. Small example: Level 24 has already been reached at under 2 million XP, for Level 70 you need around 36 million XP and for Level 76 already around 60 million XP - the official Leaderboard also gives you an overview here. With each level, you also get a skill point that you can put in the passive skill tree. This looks like this...

What looks frighteningly complicated at first glance, is not so wrong when playing and with a little familiarization. These are just the passive attributes of your character and depending on the class, you start with a specific line and from there you can contest your further path. In any case, the system, as with the items, quite flexible.

PvP, Leagues, Endgame

In addition to the normal story and level history, there is also the possibility of PvP, where you can compete in different sized groups or 1vs1 against each other. Unfortunately, I have not looked at this point closer and thus give little information about it. Leagues are an area that could be exciting at PoE as well. Currently there is already the "standard" league, so there probably the majority of the players should be represented. If your character dies, you will be revived in the last town. Currently there seems to be no penalty for this. As a second variant, the "hardcore" league is already integrated in the game. It is exactly the mode already known by Diablo & Co. If your character dies, he has died for this league and will be demoted to the "Standard" league. However, Grinding Gear Games (GGG) describe on their website that they already want to offer other modes and opportunities with the league system. For example, the creation of special competitions with special settings and the like - definitely interesting and expandable.


Since the game is offered for free, you want to finance through an online store that contains only gimmicks and non-game-related items - such as pets, item and skin effects or special animations. Path of Exile is expressly never a pay-2-win game - and does not make this impression so far. You should take a look and download the game, except for time you have nothing to lose... As Path of Exile is the fastest selling video game worldwide, the value of its in-game currency has grown in popularity. Get more news from our website: www.u4gm.com. It sells cheap PoE currency buy. If you buy here, you will get fast delivery and best service.

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