Juggernaut Is Definately A Fine Choice For PoE Flashback

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Flashback Event is organized by Path of Exile official website, which from May 4 to May 28. Which Character For PoE Flashback would you choose?
Juggernaut is definately a fine choice for this kind of build, but I would personally opt for Unbreakable over Unstoppable - you can pick up Unwavering Stance on the tree for your stun immunity. Enough poe exalted orb can make things easier.
In terms of nodes, I'd definately recommend dropping the shield approach in favour of dual wielding too - this will give you the opportunity to use either a 3 green socket prismatic eclipse in your offhand for 36% global attack speed or even a shaper sceptre for huge damage later on.
Personally I'd drop the stun nodes as well and aim for a Soul Taker axe/high physical dps rare axe and use a prismatic eclipse, but the alternative is either a rare high phys dps mace or Callinellus Malleus, or switching to a 2H approach and using a Tidebreaker. 
The Axe approach makes your tree a little more efficient and lets you use the axe damage nodes which are generally the best melee nodes to take for pure damage. Ultimately though it's up to you, any of the three approaches would work just fine.
Finally, the equipment you're aiming for isn't hugely optimal - you have to bear in mind that the more uniques you use the more expensive & harder to find your rares will need to be to keep your lfie total up and your resistances maxed. Juggernauts can be a bit more lenient with resistances due to the Endurance charges but especially in higher maps it can get a bit scary before your charges are up.
Helmet: Ahns isn't offering you anything really as you'll struggle to get power charges and thus won't get the damage benefit - aim for a rare here.
Chest: Kingsguard isn't doing much for you, I'd aim for a good rare here but you could also go for a Belly of the Beast, though it will be decently expensive particularly early on.
Gloves: Verusos look like they give good damage, but it's actually not as much as you would think due to the lack of attack speed and flat damage rolls. I'd aim for a rare again - eventually spiked gloves - with attack speed, life and flat phys if possible.
Boots: Death's Door are an Uber Lab exclusive drop, so they will be hugely expensive if available at all in Flashback because people simply won't be running lab as much as they owuld in a regular league. If you decide to switch to dual wield I'd get some Kaom's Roots, otherwise a rare here again. If you do go for Kaom's Roots make sure to drop Unwavering Stance in your passive tree because the boots give you full stun immunity.
Rings: Kaoms are fine, but Kaoms Way are very expensive because people like to use them on RF Jugg builds. I'd again just look at using simple rare rings here.
Amulet: You don't need any help generating charges as a Jugg so I would just go for a rare again.
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