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Path Of Exile Date: May/16/18 16:09:19 Views: 83

Path of Exile's 3.3.0 Expansion brings the Incursion League, with time travel-based Vaal temple building. In this video I give you guys a walkthrough of how the Incursions & the Temple of Atzoatl work. And I share a few tips that I've learned from my experiences playing 3.3.0 in the GGG studio.



Bonus Tip:

You cannot open a portal in an Incursion, hardcore players beware!


DISCLOSURE for my Trip to NZ Grinding Gear Games Studio:

- We were invited out to see 3.3.0, and allowed access to test builds and developers so we could make videos.

- GGG has covered the costs of our flights

- GGG has paid for some of our meals

- We're staying at a member of Grinding Gear Games' house


Any interaction with game developers & studios has the potential to influence your opinion and coverage, I have always and will always endeavor to provide the most true and accurate coverage I can.


I just want to shout THANKS to ZiggyD for making more detailed video on the new league mechanics, there's been few unclear things for me, but this explained everything. Now I can safely say this may be best league GGG ever made and I absolutely love the aspect of choices you have to make and how those choices work and affect the final temple. If you need cheap poe items in game, you can choose u4gm.com sale cheap poe currency.

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