The Latest about All Floating Lightning Bolt Locations in Fortnite

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Fortnite Lightning Bolts have now sprung up all about the established Battle Royale map, bringing inside a brand new challenge that you can undertake at this time, but only in case, you own the new Season 5 Battle Pass. In this Fortnite Lightning Bolts guide, we'll be detailing how you are able to track down all the distinct Lightning Bolt locations across the map, so you'll be able to wrap up this Fortnite Week 1 Challenge as swiftly as possible. Now U4GM shares with you The Latest about All Floating Lightning Bolt Locations in Fortnite. U4GM as a professional Fortnite Items website offers secure, fast and low-priced Fortnite Weapons for you. With more than ten years of excellence, we've served a large number of buyers. Should you are hesitating exactly where to buy Fortntite Materials, U4GM might be a very good selection.



For those who as an alternative will need anything else on Fortnite Battle Royale that isn't to do together with the Lightning Bolt locations, you will desire to check out our Fortnite Season five guides hub. It’s here that you will find all of the most current and up to date info around the new occasion, such as the Battle Pass cost, the rest with the Week 1 Challenges, as well as the alterations to the Battle Royale map. 


Fortnite Lightning Bolts Areas

As a part of the Fortnite Week 1 Challenges to kick off the debut week of Season 5, you'll need to search seven lightning bolts in total. These are scattered over the entire of your Fortnite map, and you can see a full list from the areas just beneath: 


All of the Lightning Bolt locations for the Fortnite Week 1 Challenge.

In the center of Tilted Towers

Within the west of Retail Row. 

In the center, and above the analysis center in Dusty Divot. 

Towards the northeast from the burger joint in Greasy Grove. 

Higher above the river within the northwest of Tomato Town. 

Above the motel that is to the west of Lazy Links

Above the dock on the western side of Loot Lake.


How you can Search a Lightning Bolt in Fortnite

So what do you must do as soon as you have found a lightning bolt? All you'll want to do to search a lightning bolt is reach it, and hold down Square/X to absolutely search the bolt of lightning itself. Nonetheless, the bolts are generally up in the air, so you are going to possess to make your way up to each 1 if you want to search it-but this could leave you as a bit of a sitting duck out inside the open whilst you are building as much as the lightning bolt.



As soon as you have searched seven on the readily available lightning bolts scattered about the Fortnite map, you have successfully completed this Week 1 Challenge. Note that all seven on the lightning bolts don’t need to be searched in 1 game, and you can rather take your time to search the seven bolts more than as numerous games as you may need. This can be just one of many seven general challenges accessible for the opening week of Fortnite Season five, and as soon as you've sooner or later completed all seven challenges in whichever order you choose, you will bag your self a bonus reward of five,000 XP 



For any full walkthrough from the rest of the tasks inside the debut week of Fortnite Season five, you will want to head more than to our Fortnite Week 1 Challenges guide. Otherwise, check out our comprehensive Fortnite Season 5 skins guide, exactly where we've put collectively a comprehensive list of each of the available skins that you could earn by way of the brand new Battle Pass.

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