Need A Few Questions Answered for PoE Beginner

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So, I am new to the game started a couple of days ago I am in act3 (i need go the ebony barracks) Level 30 Marauder and absolutely loving the game. I am mainly using sunder and ancestor totem to clear out the mobs, while simultaneously using leap attack and a attack which gives me a damage reduction buff (i dont remember the name of the skill). The in-game currency is available at the professional online gaming house. The interested gamers can buy poe exalted orbs from those professional online gaming houses in the most affordable cost.



Most builds can be described as either "cheap/beginner friendly" or "expensive" most builds you'll find are the former and generally don't require most of the uniques listed. They're mostly there as something for you to work towards, a good generic rare item will be almost as good. There are some builds though that absolutely require the uniques listed as the build simply doesn't work without them, for these it is generally expected that this is not your first build and you have some currency available to purchase the required uniques or you can level with a differnet build and switch over once you get enough stuff.


Genereally speaking though just look closely at your guide and unless it says you absolutely need it, it's safe to assume it's just something to work towards.


But there some stuff I don't understand and hoping the veterans can answer them for me.


1. When I use a chromatic stone is it possible to change the gem slot color to the color i want it to change or is it rng?


2. When should I start worrying about the builds?


3. Since, I am playing as marauder is there a path you can suggest I take in the skill tree? Currently i am going towards the node which buffs my axe melee and skill damage.


4. Talking about the skill tree i came across a skill node called gem slot, what does that even mean?


5. Is there any specific equipment (armor and weapon(s)) for marauder class i should keep and eye out for? and also any attack and support skills?


6. Finally, WHAT THE HELL IS FIRE CYCLONE? I keep seeing getting mentioned in the chat. Is is it a build or a skill for marauder? If it's a skill where and when do i get it?


Anymore suggestions than the questions I asked are welcome.

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