How to get silver combat raptor for free in Lost Ark?

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The western version of Lost Ark has been in the news lately, with a roadmap released in April and Might. Several additions are planned, like two new classes that weren't there before. The recent announcement has got players flocking to the game once more as extra stuff is coming quickly.

The game will give players a free likelihood to have a raptor as a feasible mount to produce it extra welcoming. Though the steps to redeem it are quite straightforward, the player demands to have Prime Gaming to become eligible for the reward.

In the past, Twitch Prime subscribers have been provided great gifts. The Prime Gaming technique gives its customers with many bonus rewards in different games. It is a extra clear selection for any game like Lost Ark, developed with Amazon Games.

The current give includes many products, however the raptor mount is exclusive.

Lost Ark Presents Prime Game Users on Raptor

Users can claim a brand new reward for their accounts by navigating to the Prime Gaming Rewards section. This is a part of the April monthly prize that Amazon Games provides Lost Ark players.

Rewards could be obtained in two strategies:

  • Go to the official Lost Ark Twitter account. There is a redeemable hyperlink that takes players straight to the acceptable section.
  • Select the Prime Gaming shortcut on the Twitch homepage. Relevant rewards can then be claimed on the Prime Gaming Rewards page.

Players really should try to remember to hyperlink their Steam account to their Prime Gaming account. Failure to complete so will call for players to complete so before receiving rewards. Till the linking is completed, players won't be capable of access any rewards.

Soon soon after following the steps more than, do the following:

  • Start out the game
  • Click the "Available Items" button from the menu more than the left.

All three rewards will be out there as a part of the monthly loot.

What would be the monthly Lost Ark rewards for Prime Gaming customers?

All three rewards are out there to any player who is an active Prime Gaming subscriber. Stock up. Rewards are free, and all a player demands is an active subscription.

The major reward will be the Silver Battle Raptor, that will give players a raptor. Players can use these raptors as mounts when traveling, as they give them a specific Jurassic Park really feel.

The five-day Crystalline Aura is an in-game good quality of life service. An activated Crystalline Aura assists players save time and resources and is always a practical solution.

Players will also obtain a tiny Amethyst Shard as a reward for April. It really should be noted that rewards can only be employed for 1 character per account.

Lost Ark Silver

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