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Path Of Exile Date: May/04/18 11:57:26 Views: 61

Bestiary is going to be rolled into the core game in some form or the other. So I thought we might as well start discussing how they can do that while minimizing the problematic aspects of the league so that we eventually come to see it as a positive addition to the game. So, without further ado, here's some adjustments that, imo, would make the league a lot better as a core part of the game:



1) All of the "Create and/or Reroll a rare..." recipes are removed. They do nothing but clutter up the Beastcrafting screen and achieve that alching, drops and Essence doesn't do better. All of the 'interesting' recipes are kept, including the leveling and unique crafting recipes.


2) All captured Beasts display not just which other recipes they're used in when you mouse over them, but ALSO which of those recipes they're core to versus which they're simply filler for.


3) All Beastcrafting recipes are automatically unlocked as soon as you receive your Menagerie. You'll still need to actually capture the Beasts to use them, after all. Also this should get rid of the need for those annoying popups that come up whenever you capture a new Beast or unlock a new recipe, so those are removed.


4) Einhar can be invited to our hideout, and our stash and guild stash are available in the Menagerie.


5) No reduction in the spawn rate of red beasts. They're rare enough as it is without needing a further decrease in spawns. You can, optionally, make them show only in maps.


6) All Beastcrafting categories are made collapsible, such that if you don't want to see the leveling recipes, you don't have to. This saves on scrolling, which should already be much less anyway thanks to removing the huge number of pointless rare-crafting recipes.

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