Escape from Tarkov: How to improve raid survival in the game?

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Hiding behind a tree, lost in the vast wilderness, looking at a magazine full of unknown ammunition. The voice reverberated all around, not knowing who the potential friend or enemy was. As time passed by, the shouts got closer and closer. Desperately trying to find an essence to escape, it was over in a blink of an eye. Before everything went black, there was only one shot. Considered the cruelest first-person survival shooting game to Escape from Tarkov.


Escape from Tarkov: How to improve raid survival in the game?


The gameplay in Takov is broken down into instances called raids, where players can traverse one of seven playable maps. In an attack, the player will loot the area while fighting other players and computer-controlled enemies. The goal is to find an evacuation point to survive. Surviving long enough to return to the hideout requires more than keen eyes and quick response capabilities. To survive the escape from Tarkov, the most powerful asset is knowledge.



Escape from Tarkov: Understand Ammunition

For the loading of any private military contractor, nothing is more important than the quality of their ammunition. The two most important data are penetration and damage. The penetrating power ranges from 1 to 88, determining the level of armor that the bullet can penetrate. The higher the brilliant ability, the more likely the shot will penetrate higher-level armor.


Damage is the amount of damage the bullet causes to the target's body. Using high-penetrating ammunition means a better chance of penetrating the enemy's armor and causing damage to them. You need to use the high-damage shell to target any unarmored area because it will not penetrate most armor.



Escape from Tarkov: Armor is important

From armor levels to materials, understanding how armor works in Tarkov can be confusing. When you deal with armor, you should pay attention to three significant issues. The armor level, ranging from 1 to 6, determines the quality of ammunition it can resist. Durability is the amount of damage the armor can absorb before it becomes useless and does not provide any protection.


The armor repair rate is more difficult to determine because this number cannot be determined in the game without trial and error. The material of the armor determines the repair rate. A higher repair rate means higher durability for each repair return. The two best materials that can be made into armor are polyethylene and armor steel. In any case, the higher the number, the better the armor.



Escape from Tarkov: Optimal treatment

From broken limbs to severe bleeding, players' PMC may have many different diseases. Understanding the working principles and methods of medical projects is a significant knowledge point in the game! Each medical item has a complete description, including its treatment effect, treatment time, and the number of times the medical item has been used for durability. The player's injuries can be cured by using drugs. The most effective drugs are the Grizzly First Aid Kit and Surv12 Field Surgery Kit. This combination of drugs will ensure that injuries can be healed during raids. They are slower than any other medical items, but they can heal the most damage, have more uses than other drugs, and cure any debilitating disease.



Escape from Tarkov: Learning map

Having map knowledge means knowing all these maps, points of interest, Scav generated locations, and map excerpts. You can choose any of the seven maps for offline mode, allowing players to learn the map without other players being present. A lab key card is required to enter the lab map, but the key card is returned at the end of the offline raid. The in-game map purchased from the therapist is terrain, and most new players may not be used to seeing it. It is recommended to use a second monitor instead. Go back to the official wiki again and pull out the required map as a reference. Now in offline mode, explore the map to understand each extraction point and each building. The option to turn on Scav spawning for offline raids will help you know where they spawned.



Escape from Tarkov: Know your enemy

There are several different types of enemies in "Escape from Tarkov." Scavs are the easiest enemy to deal with. Usually alone, they have almost no armor and primary weapons. They can be identified by their ragged clothes and only use Russian voices. Raiders are more challenging and usually travel in a pack of 4 people. With better weapons, ammunition, and abilities, the challenge for Raiders is much more significant. Their better equipment and English voice can identify these enemies. Bodyguards are elite-level enemies and can only be seen on Scav Boss. The bodyguard is equipped with some of the best weapons and armor. They will not be far away from their boss and are easily identified by their advanced equipment.


Boss is considered the most challenging enemy in the game. Currently, only three bosses have bodyguards: Gluhar, Sanitary, and Reshala. Everyone has a unique artificial intelligence that allows them to react differently to each situation. Each boss also has a special appearance, so it is easy to spot. In offline mode, Scavs and Boss can be set to generate. This can be used to practice recognizing and fighting them without other players.


There is a lot of information about escaping from Tarkov that needs to be kept, and it will be overwhelming. Surviving the raid is the first step in mastering this highly complex game. Surviving the attack means more materials and Tarkov money, making it easier for you to stay and develop in this dangerous world, which means that as long as you practice a little, you have a chance to survive this round.

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