Are There Before Gear Resistances that You Strive for, PoE?

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It's hard to pinpoint exact life/DPS/etc values unless you decide on a specific purpose for your build. It's ok to start the league with a build that doesn't have a targeted purpose, but your league start might not be as smooth. More Path of Exile news please keep eyes on which would devote to offer amounts of poe currency cheap online.



The ideal league starter imo should have a specific purpose, be easy to level and cheap to gear, but with a high ceiling for improvement. I think my starter from this league - hidden potential caustic arrow trickster - is a good example, so I'll go through the pros/cons of it for you.


1. I leveled with ED/contagion, which was pretty smooth on a +1 chaos gem wand.


2. This build is functional with just merciless lab, which is good because getting all the trials/doing uber lab can be really difficult on a league starter.


3. It was also very cheap to gear, since I used magic items for all my items, including a 6L bow I got for about 6c from buying the porcupine div cards for 1c each in the first week of the league.


4. Using magic items allowed me to use the ascetic, which synergized with the purpose of this build: a low damage but fast and autotargeting build that could speedfarm low-tier maps and bad layouts. It ended up working really well since alchs were expensive this league, so I just farmed underground sea, got a lot of alchs from the survivalist div card and managed to buy a kaom's heart in the 2nd week of the league without much playtime.


5. I could not do red maps or bosses with this build, but that was ok because I just wanted a smooth leveling experience + the ability to farm quickly on low investment.


6. The ceiling of this build is very high, since you can respec to CI with soulstrike, grab a +3 bow, and have a weapon swap ED for single target. I ended up not doing this, but having the option to do so was nice - it feels really bad playing a league starter just for the sake of farming currency.

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